About us



Company  Impuls AG - Gabrovo is a joint-stock  company whose business is development,  implementation,  production,  service and trade at home and abroad in the field of time-delay meters and hour – meters, automation devices, medical devices, etc.


  The distribution of company funds is as follows:

  •     78,08 % -  employee management company   „Impuls – 98“ JSC
  •     15,15 % - company  KHS GmbH - Germany; 
  •     6,77 % - shares of individuals;

The manufactured goods can be classified as follows:

А)  Components and assemblies, intended for large – scale companies, which are worked out due to their orders. Main (major) clients are:

  •     KHS, Dortmund, Germany – producer of machines and installations for bottling industry;
  •     Company Walter AG. - Tübingen - Germany - manufacturer of tools and cutting  machines;
  •     Company Medacta SA - Switzerland - manufacturer of medical equipment;

LMT Group, Germany - manufacturer of threading tool machining centers and lathes, specialized tools and tooling

 B)  Products for final consumption:

  •      Programmable and electro – mechanical devices – auto  reset progress timers types PB – 1, PB – 2, PB – 3, PBM – 60
  •     Hour meters – Hour meter types BZ – 2 and BZ – 3;
  •     Medical Equipment – Infusion Pump IP – 2/50;
  •     Machinery and household goods – electronic staircase switch ACE-5, light sensor type DC-1
  •     Motor reducers;
  •     Assemblies and components, intended for machine building, instrument – building and precision devices industry;
  •     Gear-wheels of m = 0,3 – 2

The company IMPULS possesses all required technological equipment and can fulfill the necessary technological processes for manufacturing of all above mentioned products, assemblies and parts.


In its structure, the company includes three main and two accessory workshops, including the following production activities:

A large workshop, containing different universal metal working machines is available. It is used for mechanical working out of components and assemblies. In spite of that, there is a section, including high – productive CPU lathes, as well as working CPU’s centers. Also, there are specialized sections for gear – wheel milling of micro module gear – wheels, screw  cutting type Burgmueller and touch up of the parts.

            For other type of processing the company has a section for plastic components, thermal section (in which there is possibility for vacuum thermal working out and cold working out), galvanic section (passivation of stainless steel, chrome plating, oxidation, electro polishing of stainless steel, , anodizing, treatment with glass bead blasting).

The whole production process and the tests, when the customer receives the goods, are carried out in accordance with the operating standards.

  All tests, expected to be done and written in the certificates of the goods, including the linear and angle tests, these of coldness, warmth, humidity, vibrations, impacts, linear accelerations, dust – proof, water – resistance,  are made in the special laboratories of the company. 

The company has implemented a certificate of quality, model ISO 9001:2015.

The leading managers have declared their commitment to the customers, employees, partners and society  by the declared Quality policy.